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Running a Simulation

Getting Started

You received an Clams Connect QR. Find out what you'll be doing next!

LNPlay is a Lightning Network Simulator. Everyone gets a unique QR code allowing them to control a dedicated lightning node using Clams Remote. But we're not using real bitcoin here. It's just fake regtest coins!

We may be using fake money, but the educational and learning value is very real! Use LNPlay to learn about the mechanics of the Lightning Network and help onboard the next wave of Lightning Users with LNPlay.


Here are the typical steps at an LNPlay event.

  1. Get in groups of 3-5 people
  2. Create a "circle" of channels amongst each other. Common channel sizes are between 5 - 10 million sats! You only get 1 rBTC to play with!
  3. Balance your channels WITHIN the small group by making payments to each other.
  4. Open channels with other groups.
  5. Balance those channels by making BOLT11 or BOLT12-based payments.
  6. Try BOLT12 Withdraw.
  7. Check your routing performance!
Important! Due to channel reserve requirements, payments MUST be larger than the channel reserve. If participants can't make payments and liquidity is available, it may be that the payments are too small!

Now that you've established balanced channels and can reliably make payments, you can go develop on LNPlay during the hackathon. Check out the LNWidget Getting Started Guide to continue your journey!

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