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Getting Started

Install LNPlay

Alright, you got a VM running somewhere and you can reliably SSH into it. Now let's install LNPlay! It's pretty simple.

NOTE! These instructions assume you're sitting at the terminal of the VM that's hosting your LNPlay instance!

git clone --recurse-submodules
cd lnplay
git submodule update --init --recursive

Note* add "-b dev" to git clone to deploy a specific branch. Main is the most tested and stable version of LNPlay.

Your next step is to VERIFY LNPlay!

Install dependencies

Great! Now cd ~/lnplay run the install script with sudo ./ Assuming everything installs correctly, your next step is to log out and log back in so your group membership refreshes. So exit and ssh again.

You should always look at the script before running it! However, running these scripts in an isolated VM or on AWS helps reduce the risk to your machine.

To verify you did things correctly, ssh back into the VM, then run docker info. If the command succeeds, everything is set up correctly.